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MoTeC V2 Video Capture System


  • $ 1,990.00

Full HD: Genuine High Definition with 1080p @ 30 frames per second. Automatic Start/Stop, 12V power direct from vehicle, Automatic CAN syncronisation with data in i2. Kit includes V2 Video Recorder, 32 GB SD Card, V2 Power/CAN Loom and V2 Mounting Kit. Compatible with CDL3, ADL3, ACL, C185, C187, C1812, C125, C127, C1212, SDL, SDL3, ADL2, ADL and M1 Series ECUs (depending on Package). The following data can be overlaid on V2 Video: Throttle Position (displayed as a green bar graph scaled between 0% & 100%), Ground Speed (displayed as a numeric value form 0-999), RPM (displayed as a gauge from 0 to 10,000), G-Force (displayed as a G circle from 0 to 2 G with an indicator point), Brake Switch or Pressure (displayed as a red bar graph), and Gear (displayed as a numeric value).

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