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SmartyCam GP HD Rev 2.2, 67º Lens, 2m CAN Cable

Aim Sports

  • $ 1,299.00

The SmartyCam GP HD Rev 2.2 video system has several improvements over the 2.1 version including, direct CAN ECU connection (no need for a separate ECU Bridge), integrated CAN-bus Hub (no need for a separate Data Hub), a coaxial camera cable with SMA connector (thinner, more flexible cable and a more compact bullet camera), plus it's compatible with the CAN based GPS09 (instead of the previous specialized 4 pin serial SmartyCam GPS antenna) and it has a more powerful battery. System includes an 67º FHOV angle lens bullet camera, 2m/78" coax camera cable, 2m/78" CAN cable, 16GB memory card, Mini USB cable and 110 AC adapter.

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