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RaceCapture/Pro MK4 Base Model (No Cellular Telemetry)

Autosport Labs

  • $ 679.95

Next generation of data, telemetry, and control – now with 4G LTE telemetry option!

Your time on track matters and you want to maximize every minute and dollar toward tuning the engine, honing your racecraft, or finding that extra edge over your competition. As motorsports evolves, so should motorsports telemetry technology: more real-time, extending your reach to the people who matter. Showing you what you need while you’re still at the track, so you can make changes and adapt now, not later. Autosport Labs’ new RaceCapture/Pro MK3 brings flexible data acquisition, predictive lap timing, real-time telemetry, and control to your race car.

Rugged, plug and play wiring and sensor connections

Connecting sensors is super easy w

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