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EVO4S with CAN Cable, 1.3m GPS & GS Dash

Aim Sports

  • $ 1,599.00

The EVO4S is the evolution of the popular EVO4. It maintains the same one connector per channel design, but with new internal electronics, fully compatible with the latest generation displays (GS-Dash and Formula Steering Wheel 3) and uses the new Race Studio 3 software. This kit includes an EVO4S logger with 5 analog channels, 4GB of memory, 2 wheel speed inputs, built-in 3 axis G sensor, built-in gyro, USB communication cable, GPS09 module with 78"/2m cable and unterminated CAN ECU cable. (See AIM web site for a list of supported ECU models.) Also included is a GS-Dash digital display with 7 different programmable back light colors, 5 RGB programmable LED shift lights, 4 RGB alarm lights; up to 8 custom configurable display pages. Cables for non CAN ECU connections: RS232, K-Line, 5V square wave tach signal or 150V negative side of coil pickups are sold separately as are sensors and patch cables. AiM SKU X61E4S1301GS.

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