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ShiftX3 Sequential Shift Light, Display and Alerts

Autosport Labs

  • $ 239.95

ShiftX3 adds an ultra-bright sequential shift light, twin alerts, and a 7 segment LED display for your RaceCapture system.

Ultra bright, daylight-visible RGB LEDs

ShiftX3 includes 7 ultra-bright daylight-visible RGB LEDs that will be sure to grab your attention!

Configure configure color, segment length based on RPM, and flashing pattern.

Twin RGB Alert LEDs

Two ultra-bright RGB Alert LEDs flanking the display can be configured to trigger on any sensor value.  You can customize color and flashing pattern for multiple threshold levels!

7 Segment Display for Gear or other channel

Use the 7 segment display to indicate current gear, or any other information you want to display.

Left / Right Navigation buttons for switching dashboard screens

Plug and Play CAN bus connection

No splicing, soldering, crimping – it just connects together with our plug and play connector system!

To connect with your plug and play<

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